The Law Offices of David Schwinger PLLC  

November 27 2006
The Law Offices of David Schwinger
PLLC launches new website.
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David Schwinger has been in practice for over 24 years, representing a wide variety of clients, from the entrepreneur and the professional, on the one hand, to major insurance companies, investment banking firms and publicly traded corporations, on the other hand.

After 24 years of "big firm" experience, I have decided to launch the Law Offices of David Schwinger PLLC to serve as general counsel to individuals and corporations in today's world of specialists.

Our objective - using our breadth of experience and general knowledge in arriving at the simplest possible (and cost effective) solution to a wide range of business-oriented problems and in structuring complex business arrangements and transactions.

Our style - what we believe distinguishes us from others—is the combination of professional expertise and experience with immediate response to our clients problems without the bureacracy and lack of creativity of law firms.